• Maintain a sense of responsibility and excitement

    “We want to encourage people to do what they love. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in this field at the beginning, having a strong sense of responsibility and excitement for the work you do will ultimately lead to the best results.
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  • Greetings

    A quiet moment, starting with the sun shining into the windowsill, good morning.
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  • 2020 will pass

    There are so many things to experience in 2020. The epidemic has disrupted the world, and the world economy continues to be in a downturn. I sincerely hope that people from all over the world will join hands to fight this epidemic and let the spring of the world economy come as soon as possible.
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  • Communication is an art

    Communication is a technology. More precisely, it is an art, no matter which level or dimension it is communication. If we want to achieve a more ideal communication process and result, the parties involved in the communication must have similar or identical levels in terms of knowledge structure...
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  • The product the customer needs is a good product

    Good products must be based on demand to solve urgent customer problems. On the one hand, it depends on the maturity of the technology and the advantages of the resources under control; on the other hand, it mainly depends on whether the technology solution can drive the market change. Customers ...
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  • Market demand and technology

    A good product must start from the demand and solve the customers’ urgent problems.As for what kind of technology to use, on the one hand, it depends on the maturity of the technology and the resource advantages under control; on the other hand, it mainly depends on whether the technical so...
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  • Market status of luggage industry

    With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption level, all kinds of bags have become indispensable ornaments around people. People require luggage products not only to strengthen the practicability, decorative has become the main expansion. Luggage is the general name of ...
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  • Analysis of the current luggage industry

    Since 2010, the global luggage market capacity has maintained steady growth. Affected by the epidemic in 2020, there will be a phased decline. After the epidemic, as the demand for domestic and foreign travel increases, the luggage market will also return to normal.
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  • Research on the market of notebook computer package

    Research on the market of notebook computer package

    The Laptop Bag Market is broadly studied by the authors of the report with large focus on the vendor landscape, regional expansion, leading segments, rising trends and key opportunities, and other important subjects. The report highlights powerful factors augmenting the ...
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  • “Travel” has a different meaning

    “Travel” has a different meaning

    For everyone, “travel” has a different meaning. For the carefree children, traveling can eat the delicious lunch that mom sat out with love, and can play happily with friends, it is really the happiest. For them, the meaning of travel may be “play” and “eat”! F...
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  • How to keep safe when buying food

    How to keep safe when buying food

    As a food virologist, I hear a lot of questions from people about the coronavirus risks in grocery stores and how to stay safe while shopping for food amid the pandemic. Here are answers to some of the common questions. What you touch on the grocery shelves is less of a concern than who breathes ...
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