For everyone, “travel” has a different meaning. For the carefree children, traveling can eat the delicious lunch that mom sat out with love, and can play happily with friends, it is really the happiest. For them, the meaning of travel may be “play” and “eat”! For the teenagers who are in love for the first time, travel can be dragged down with uniforms, put on casual clothes and sit on the same tour bus with the people you like. For them at that time, the meaning of travel is “dressing up” and “love”; For young people who have just entered the society and are full of fighting spirit, travel is often an exciting thing. Their hearts are full of enthusiasm, and they ca n’t wait to know what wonderful things are ahead. What else is worth them to taste and study. At this time, the meaning of travel has long been separated from “play” and “love and love”
, But has a deeper meaning. For the elderly with rich experience in life, “travel” has long lost its reason. Unlike children who travel for fun, they don’t want young people to blindly pursue what they don’t have. They just want to see this beautiful one. In the world, I want to spend more time with my family and leave good memories in this short life.

When you travel, you will see exotic flowers and plants, rare birds and beasts you have never heard of, social phenomena you have never seen … You will find that travel is so interesting. You can feel that life is not easy on the trip, know how to cherish the growth of plants in the cracks, the broken shell of the bird, the transformation of the cicada … Various wonderful scenes, some things can not be learned from the book, you want Discover in reality. To capture that wonderful moment, use your eyes to record, to discover. Travel is a kind of emotional relaxation. Looking at the blue sky and the vast grassland, you will feel very relaxed, and your mood will unconsciously get better. The world is vast, and you will enjoy it alone. Let your mood fly, and let the fresh air surround you. You can sleep peacefully and sweetly in a peaceful dream. In the wonderful dream: the fragrance of the grass seems to have a hint of sweetness.
The significance of travel is that you can find the true meaning of life, you can increase your own knowledge, you can find many interesting things, you can make yourself forgetful and refreshed

Post time: May-26-2020