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        Let’s be honest: the wrong travel bag can seriously increase your stress levels when traveling: a broken suitcase wheel or a leaky travel bag can make arriving at your destination a frustrating experience. From checked luggage and carry-on luggage to makeup bags and crossbody bags, your travel accessories should be durable, reliable and (of course) stylish (you never know who you might run into at the airport, right?).
        To make sure your next vacation goes as smoothly as possible, we asked travel expert and influencer Titi Ntetu, and beauty expert and globetrotting content creator Christina Rodulfo to review their favorite travel bags, packing tips and must-haves in an Aeroport. From laptop bags and jewelry storage boxes to carry-on luggage and spacious duffel bags, no matter your destination, we have the right bag for every occasion. Ultimately, the Bèis The Carry-On Roller won the “Best Overall Pick” award for its under-$200 price, stylish appearance, and loads of convenient features.
       Whether you’re currently waiting at the gate for a flight or about to book a long-awaited vacation, read on for our favorite travel bags that will get you there in style and ease.
        It’s nearly impossible to find a high-quality rolling suitcase under $200, but the Bèis Carry-On Roller exceeds all expectations. “This is my go-to bag for long weekend trips,” shares travel expert and content creator Thithi Ntheta, who notes that it has plenty of storage space for everything, including a separate laundry bag and shoes. This suitcase features 360-degree wheels (so you won’t fall over), padded handles, convenient storage compartments (for separating items like underwear and small essentials), and expandable zippers, making it ideal for long trips . it stands out. travel.
        “And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that beige looks chic with all my airport outfits,” Ntheta added. This is an aesthetic point that adds important advantages to this ultra-functional carry-on suitcase.
        Any avid traveler knows how important it is to have a good duffel bag, especially one that can also be used as carry-on luggage (in this case, a duffel bag). But for those of us who fly less frequently, spending a fortune on a bag you won’t use often can seem a bit daunting. However, we found this spacious duffel bag on Amazon that may suit all your needs. It features multiple pockets, a dedicated shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag, shoulder straps, and carrying straps, making it more comfortable than most other bags you can buy for twice the price. Anyone heading to the beach will likely appreciate the option of storing wet items that are wrapped in waterproof PVC to ensure nothing stays wet and away from your other belongings.
        The bag even has a USB charging port. But note that it doesn’t actually charge your phone—it just connects your phone on the outside to the portable charger on the inside. Essentially, you’ll still have to buy a charger and power cord to use this feature, which many reviewers found a bit misleading and confusing.
       A world-class luxury item, this bag features a timeless shape first introduced by the brand in 1930.
        A suitcase with a Louis Vuitton monogram instantly transports us to a yacht on the French Riviera. Picture this: a maxi sundress, cat-eye sunglasses, a huge straw hat and this bag on your arm. Pretty perfect, right? But let’s be honest: Louis Vuitton makes great bags. In 1901, they introduced the Steam Trunk, essentially creating the luxury travel bag category. This particular model was released in 1930 and has been a mainstay of the brand’s range ever since. The soft yet structured shape offers plenty of space—it can store a week’s worth of hair, depending on how much you pack. An adjustable crossbody strap, a secure padlock, and a durable coated canvas exterior make this bag a durable carry-on bag with stylish accents.
        Surprisingly, many travel boxes and jewelry bags don’t actually hold your jewelry in place – you carefully place your jewelry in each compartment only to find that it rattles in transit, leading to the dreaded outcome: the necklace gets tangled and it cannot be unraveled. That’s why we love this version of Mejuri. It offers just the right amount of features to keep your favorite gadgets stationary no matter how intense the turbulence gets. There are perforations for attaching earrings, a padded section for storing rings, suede hooks for hanging a necklace, and an additional pouch for different needs. Please note that this box is 4 inches square and can only hold a certain number of items, making it ideal for storing delicate jewelry.
       These cosmetic bags are easy to clean and come with additional organizational compartments.
       If you want to purchase additional organizational items such as bottle guards or brush holders, these will cost extra.
        Cosmetic bags are the workhorses of travel bags. We often overfill them and hope they don’t leak when our product bottles inevitably explode at cruising altitude. Kusshi Signature Cosmetic Bags are durable, versatile, and available in a variety of fun colors. “I’m obsessed with everything Kushi creates,” says travel content creator Cristina Rodulfo. “I have several of these bags and I love the design. They’re washable, have lots of pockets, and can be outfitted with other accessories like bottle protectors, brush organizers, etc.,” she says. (These accessories cost extra, however.) They’re even roomy enough to hold full-size hair care products—a quality that’s hard to find. Plus, notes Rodulfo, they have openings wide enough to stand on a counter, so you can easily view the contents. You can choose durable leather or flexible satin and nylon materials. However, both come in different colors, so you just have to decide which one suits your needs best.
       It’s a toiletry organizer and travel case that keeps your hero’s products upright and even protects those pesky (but luxurious) glass skin care bottles.
        These days, I find myself leaning more and more towards skincare products that come in glass bottles. Sure, it’s better for the environment, but traveling with them can get pretty dangerous until I found the Dagne Dover toiletry organizer. This vertical design travel bag keeps your valuables upright for easy packing. It’s roomy enough to hold all your grooming needs and features convenient organizational compartments like adjustable panels, elastic loops, and zippered mesh pockets. It’s available in two practical sizes and is made from eco-friendly polyester, recycled material from four water bottles! Extra bonus? Its stylish and space-saving design can even serve as home storage if your bathroom doesn’t have cabinets.
       You can choose a small or large size, but keep in mind that the difference isn’t that big: the large is only about two inches taller and costs an extra $20.
       Carry your laptop in a fun, fluffy case that will make you smile every time you see it in your bag.
        Ah, Baggu… one of our popular bag brands that has been expanding its range of reusable bags since 2007. Their recent expansion into other product categories has only strengthened our beloved loyalty. Our favorite is their puffy laptop sleeve just because the print is so fun. Every time you see it in your work bag or on your desk, you will immediately smile. They typically offer five to eight prints each season, but if you’re not obsessed with their current offerings, just wait a month or so and they’ll be sure to release new options to suit everyone’s needs. It’s a very simple sleeve with no bells and whistles, but the recycled puffy fabric will keep your most valuable items safe during your daily commute to work and abroad.
       This trendy crossbody bag can serve as both a hands-free travel accessory and a bag you can take with you on the go.
        “I received the Daily Edited Mini Crossbody Bag as a gift in 2018 and haven’t been able to travel without it since,” says Rodulfo. It’s small enough to carry everything you need at the airport and then easily transforms into a night out on the town. “Even though it’s small, it can hold all your essentials like your wallet, phone, lip balm, hand sanitizer, etc. Plus, it’s a lot easier than digging through a giant bag,” she added. she. But if you’re a minimalist traveler, this bag can also be tucked into a larger bag, giving you an extra “personal item” tucked away. The thin leather is easy to clean with a damp cloth, while the adjustable shoulder strap and internal card slots let you stroll through your European city of choice from dawn to dusk in comfort.
        In our opinion, zippers are an absolute must when traveling. For safety reasons and because hanging containers are suspicious, it makes sense to zip up your items securely. Surprisingly, most tote bags do not have zippers, which also confuses us. That’s not the only reason we love this Madewell bag: It’s made from durable leather (it can even be monogrammed) that can withstand the beating a travel bag often takes when it’s lugged around all day. The semi-vegetable tanned leather is responsibly sourced, well made and super durable, while the soft structured shapes create a simple and cohesive feel. As an added bonus, purchasing bag straps gives you more carrying options. (We’re focusing on the leopard print calfskin version.)
       This duffel bag doesn’t have wheels, making it more of a travel companion than an airport essential.
        I’ve taken this bag everywhere, from road trips through the American West to kayaking 50 miles on the Green River in Colorado (no joke). This bag is always reliable and much more spacious than you think. Whether you want to throw it in the car for the weekend or fill it with 10 Instagram-worthy outfits (or, if you’re like me, decide to take a Barefoot Dreams blanket with you), this duffle bag won’t disappoint. You. It’s made from weather-resistant recycled materials and features removable shoulder straps that transform the entire pack into an extra-large backpack in case you’re on the go in an emergency. Since it doesn’t have wheels, I wouldn’t recommend taking it to the airport, but it works wonders for car trips.
       Paravel makes products that are incredibly sustainable, from responsible sourcing to recycled materials and carbon offset commitments.
       Some online reviewers have noted that the color description on the brand’s website is slightly different from the actual product.
        We’re big fans of Paravel for their sustainable initiatives (they’re certified climate neutral!) and sophisticated design aesthetic. “When shopping for carry-on luggage, the first thing I look for is a carry-on that is hard-sided, airline sized, has four wheels and is said to be able to roll smoothly,” Ntheta said. The Aviator carry-on features super-smooth 360-degree rotating wheels, a super-durable (and recyclable!) polycarbonate shell, and clever interior pockets and features (including a separate bag for dirty clothes and compression panels in case you want to stretch your suitcase). . a little more daily use) packaging). We love that its textured look hides scuffs, comes in a variety of designer colors, and includes genuine leather details. “I am not ashamed to say that I am aesthetically conscious, so my carry-on luggage should look stylish because I will be carrying it with me at the airport,” Ntheta said. We’re happy to report that this bag fits the bill.
        In fact, unlike TSA, size requirements for carry-on and checked bags are determined by individual airlines. This means different restrictions may apply on different flights. However, in the industry, the most common carry-on size is 22 x 14 x 9 inches. If you don’t mind having your bag checked, you have nothing to worry about, but if you’re like us and dread the baggage claim carousel, pay attention to the size when choosing your next bag (the Paravel Aviator carry-on should have you covered, no matter your travel plans ).
        Travel bags are equipped with many different features such as dividers for dirty clothes, special pockets for technical devices, weight indicators and much more. “I believe form follows function,” Entheta said. “When it comes to functionality, I always like my carry-on luggage to be expandable and have organization features so I can properly separate items and easily access the most important things like my laptop and wallet.” Clare V. Clutch Wallet or Tracey Tanner Zip Clutch (both make great gifts, by the way). Figure out which features are most important to you and use them as a compass when searching for your next travel bag.
        When shopping for luggage, try to imagine yourself carrying the bag in different lifestyle scenarios. Can you drag this thing through the airport, onto the train, then onto the subway, and then up four flights of stairs to your Airbnb? If it were as light as the Bèis Carry-On Roller, this wouldn’t be a problem! Meanwhile, a wheelless duffle bag like the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 55L may be better suited for road trips, such as commuting or packing for a multi-city pet walk.
        If you’re traveling long distances overseas, you’ll likely be staying longer than a weekend, so you’ll need larger checked luggage. For international travel, we recommend choosing luggage with TSA-approved locking features, weight indicators (checked baggage weight limits may vary by airline—check in advance), and 360-degree smooth wheels (international airports require a lot of walking). An expandable bag is also a good idea in case you come home with a souvenir.
        Most carry-on bags can hold three to four days’ worth of clothing…if you know how to stretch basic clothes, shoes and accessories. “I try to keep just one suitcase and pack it with versatile clothes that can be worn with different outfits and styles,” explains Nteta. While she notes that this requires some planning, it can make the trip more relaxing overall. “For example, I take a pair of pants and create all kinds of tops and looks that I can create with that pair of pants,” she says. “The key is to think about how to combine basic pieces and then accessorize them.”
        “When I travel, I don’t compromise on my skin care, so I need lots of pockets to store things like cotton pads, Q-tips, tweezers,” says Rodulfo. She favors makeup bags that open to hold full-size products, like the Kusshi Signature Cosmetic Bag or the Dagne Dover Mila Toiletry Organizer. So, what is the prerequisite? Lightning! “When you use liquid makeup, such as foundation, you want to be sure it won’t stain your clothes or other valuables,” she advises. As an additional tip, she recommends the Ries Essential travel bottle because it’s airless and can safely hold 3.4 ounces of all your favorite foods. “I’ve filled my Reese’s bottles and I’m ready to go on my next trip,” she added.
        Lynn Halpern is a freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer. She is a member of InStyle’s ever-evolving business team, where she has extensively tested and reviewed countless products. In this article, she interviews travel expert and influencer Thithi Ntheta, and travel beauty expert turned content creator Christina Rodulfo. Their valuable insight (plus personal travel experiences and plenty of research) informs our favorite picks.

Post time: Sep-25-2023