With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption level, all kinds of bags have become indispensable ornaments around people. People require luggage products not only to strengthen the practicability, decorative has become the main expansion. Luggage is the general name of bags, is used to hold things of all kinds of bags, including general shopping bags, handbags, handbags, handbags, wallets, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, waist bags and a variety of pull boxes.

According to the change of consumer grade, the material of luggage is more diversified, leather, PU、 polyester, canvas, cotton and other texture bags lead the fashion trend. At the same time, in the era of more and more personality, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles from different aspects to meet the needs of fashion people to promote personality. The style of luggage is also expanded by traditional business bags, schoolbags, travel bags, wallets, small sachets, etc.

Post time: Oct-20-2020